Why Us

Why IP DataSolutions

The cloud services market is evolving rapidly, and few organizations have a clear understanding of the available options and potential pitfalls. IP DataSolutions specializes in helping clients navigate this uncertain territory and successfully exploit cloud-based solutions for data archival and e-discovery.

In order to derive maximum benefits from cloud-based data archival, organizations need an integrated solution that maps to their IT strategic plan and management processes. Because the cloud does not deliver this integration “out of the box,” organizations often face another layer of complexity when moving information into the cloud.

IP DataSolutions helps public- and private-sector organizations transform discrete cloud solutions into an optimized platform for file and email archival. Our experienced consultants understand today’s archival challenges, as well as the options that are available in the highly competitive cloud market. We serve as a client-focused partner who guides organizations through the evaluation and implementation of cloud-based solutions that meet their requirements.

Although the cloud is relatively new, the technologies underlying cloud-based storage solutions are well established. IP DataSolutions brings many years of experience in data storage infrastructure, including tiered storage, backup and de-duplication, disaster recovery, data migration and replication, information lifecycle management, virtualization and, of course, email archival, regulatory compliance and e-discovery solutions. Because of our legacy in integrating best-of-breed information management solutions, we are uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end cloud-based archival and e-discovery solutions.

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