cloud integration

Cloud Integration

Cloud computing offers very real benefits to both the business and IT, including rapid provisioning, ease of management and a subscription-based licensing model. But cloud applications are of little value without access to corporate data — data that generally is trapped in various on-premises systems. Organizations need the ability to move or replicate data into the cloud and keep it synchronized with enterprise applications.

Cloud integration is particularly important for organizations that use a mix of public and private cloud solutions in a hybrid cloud model. Cloud-based applications must be able to “talk” to enterprise applications, and tap business-critical data that is typically stored in application-specific silos. Organizations must break down those silos to facilitate business processes that flow across multiple applications within the data center and the cloud, while balancing data privacy, security and regulatory requirements.

IP DataSolutions helps facilitate this process by aggregating and integrating cloud services to create an end-to-end solution. We focus on the results to be achieved through cloud services rather than the individual technologies to be assembled within the data center. We help clients make sense of the cloud and take advantage of its benefits while maintaining control of service levels and expectations.

Ultimately, we enable organizations to move data into cloud-based solutions that deliver the information they need more efficiently and cost-effectively. We help minimize the complexity and reduce the risk associated with cloud migrations and maximize the value of cloud solutions.

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